The Varden Conservation Area is located in a once-remote section of the state that has recently begun to feel the pressure of development. All efforts are currently being made to protect the land from urbanization and to ensure its use for future generations as both a respite from daily life and a place to learn about Pennsylvania's natural history.

The VCA lends itself to walking, hiking, cross-country skiing, picknicking (carry-in, carry-out), berry-picking, and ice-skating. Fishing and hunting are permitted at the VCA East - Tannery Road Access only.

Also, some restrictions do apply. There is no bicycling, no camping, no swimming, no motorized vehicles, no alcohol, and no equestrian activities permitted. Dogs must be leashed at all times unless one intends to use the grounds for training (prohibited April 1 - Labor Day). Additionally, there is no hunting or fishing at VCA West - Mid Valley Road Access.

The following links provide information on the hiking trails at the VCA, as well as the natural resources (aquatic and terrestrial flora and fauna) that can be appreciated:

  • Hiking Trails
  • Natural Resources Inventory
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    In 2005, an independent vegetation inventory was compiled by the University of Pennsylvania and submitted to the Pennsylvania Bureau of State Parks Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. This document is available at the Salem Public Library in Hamlin, PA.

Finally, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) organizes recreational outings, educational programs, volunteer opportunities, workshops, and more at the Varden Conservation Area. The Calendar of Events can be found among the listings here.